3.8.65951.477 Slows Down Many Programs

I updated to 3.9.65951.477 firewall only and have found many of my programs have gotten very slow. I have a desktop with XP SP3. After the update I was updating some other programs and found the update process on them was very slow compared with previous updates. It seems like .dll files take a very long time to copy during the process. I also find that scrolling in other programs especially Firefox is very jerky. I have Webroot Spy Sweeper and NOD32 anti-virus and closing them doesn’t seem to help. Even opening normal stuff like Control Panel takes a long time.

I also have a laptop with Vista SP1 and the update didn’t work. I got a message that the firewall wasn’t working and the diagnostic could not fix the problem. I uninstalled and did a clean install and got the firewall working again. But I have the same problems as with my XP machine.

Did you do a clean install? Did you disable all AV’s active scanners prior to the install?

Yes. Clean install with AV and ASW shut down.

Same problem here.

[WXPPSP3, CIS 3.8…477, Avira PE Classic]


here is the similar problem. I updated from 3.5.x to 3.8.x.477, I made a fresh install (no update via comodo update). Programs in my computer run like before, except for other security products. If I make scan with SpySweeper, it tooks forever. Scan with Malwarebyte’s Antimalware takes one hour longer, the same with Eset NOD32.

Throughout the forum I have found similar issues:



I agree with Daniel. Tried to do a scan on Webroot Spy Sweeper overnight. Normal time is 10 to 12 minutes. After 7.5 hours it was less than 50% complete. Seems to take a long time on .dll files.

Also noted that my screen saver never starts up. And an .avi file I tried was like watching in slo mo.

I can confirm

Winxp SP3, avira antivirus.
The entire system has becoming slower after the new update