[3.8 - 3.9.x.509] D+ while Acronis 10, 11, or 2009 runs freeze

It doesn’t always happen but every 4 or so backups it does. What happens is that the UI starts to freeze, programs one by one freeze up and eventually even the mouse does. There is still drive activity for a little while then it all goes silent. New apps cannot be launched. They appear in the task manager but no UI. Presumably they’re locked from launching it?

This has been around since the last 3.8 came out. What was changed in that version? This is a weird bug since it’s triggered by disk backup but the problem manifesting is almost certainly UI related.

EDIT: I just saw the other thread. That guy has Vista 64 too. Could they be related? I applied the emergency update. Let’s see what happens.

Update: Running 509 the problem STILL persists.

^ I posted that with my explorer and messengers half cripple before firefox also completly froze.