3.5 firewall to 3.8 firewall only?

Sorry if this is covered somewhere. There are just too many posts in the announcement thread to read.

I love the firewall but I’m not ready to go to full CIS yet. I’m an old retired software developer (started writing programs in 1962 in octal) and I never, never go to new software without a long history of success behind it. BTDT ub spades!. Besides, I subscribe to the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” school.

So my question is, can I still just use the 3.8 firewall & D+ and keep my existing paid for AV? If so how is it done? I wont be updating until I know the answer. I have experienced, tested and re-installed my OS enough already and would rather others gain that useful experience instead of me! (:WIN)

Yes you can use just the firewall and D+.
When you install the software, a screen will popup asking if you wish to install the firewall and AV. Each are checked as default.
Simply uncheck the AV to install only the firewall and D+.