[3.5.55810.432] - Intrusion Reporting Bug


If you click on the intrusion # under the main screen (under network defense), it shows the list of intrusions on your system (matching that number). If you click on the “More” button and then delete these entries and then go back to the main window (summary tab), it still shows the same amount of intrusions. Going from various tabs (i.e AntiVirus, Firewall, etc) does not correct (or refresh) the screen. However, if you exit CIS and restart, the correct amount (0) is shown.


[attachment deleted by admin]

This situation was explained earlier. Number of Intrusions ALWAYS show the number of intrusions since last start of CIS, but no the Number of Events in Logs. It doesn’t depend on number of events in Logs.
So this is not the bug, but feature.

Ok. Thanks for making me aware of this.