3.5.54375.427 (x32 XP SP2): Disabled Logging Fails

32 Bit XP SP2
No security or utilities running except for Comodo Firewall and Defense+ 3.5.54375.427

I have both the Firewall and Defense+ logging disabled, yet Defense+ still logs when I switch between modes (e.g. from Safe to Clean PC mode). Seems to be nearly 100% reproducible regardless of the method in mode change (i.e from GUI summary screen and system tray and Defense+ Setting screen).

Updated Title: New discovery - when I changing themes, both the Firewall and Defense+ logging options are disabled (unchecked). However, it’s not exactly the same as the above paragraph. This one’s about 70% reproducible on each theme change. I also recall some weeks ago that I changed something in the Miscellaneous options that triggered this bug, so it’s not limited to theme changing. Should I open a separate bug report thread for this ???

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