3.5.53896.424 To 3.5.54375.427 Update Bug

I have one computer running CIS 3.5.53896.424 and it has still not offered to upgrade to the latest version 3.5.54375.427. This can be verified by looking in the ABOUT section of CIS.

Does manual update works?

The only updates it gets automatically or manually are virus defs.

Check ‘‘Miscellaneous → Settings → Update → Automatic check for program updates’’ option
also check that firewall does not block cfpupdat.exe process

All 3 boxes on the UPDATE tab are checked. I cannot figure out exactly where to go in the CIS firewall settings to view programs that are allowed or blocked unless these blocked programs are in My Blocked Files in Defense+ in which case nothing is listed there. The current virus defs installed are 515.

If I go to MISCELLANEOUS > CHECK FOR UPDATES, it find the program update and installs it. Weird that the automatic or manual one in SUMMARY never did.

There’s only AV bases manual update link on summary page, not the whole CIS.

COMODO ought to change that. A program update can be more serious than an virus def update.

AV updates are far more frequent than the whole Internet security solution, that’s why AV signature database update link is placed on general page, while CIS update could be launched from Miscellaneous -->Check For Updates.

However both updates are performing automatically by default.

I see what you are saying, but the automatic update never updated the program for whatever reason. It never updated the program until I went to the MISC. section.

And you have never seen a balloon notification with ‘‘Updates for Comodo Internet Security are ready/available’’?

No that never happened.

Did you have update notification about 432 update now when you on 427?

No because I went to the MISC. section and performed the update, lol.