3.13 detection rate, has it improved?.

Hello all. I just updated smoothly to 3.13 and was wondering if anyone out there had confirmed via tests percentage wise,what the increase was on the detection rate from the previous version after the improvements to the av?.

I have seen several tests posted on various forums and the detection rate was about 98% and would like to know what the new figure would be as a matter of interest.


Just so you know, no single AV can have 100% detection rate. But CAV’s signature defs are still getting better, bit by bit, and CIS v3.13 introduces improved heuristics for CAV. So I’d think yes it’s indeed better now. By the way, do you know how much of that 98% was FPs? The FP% has probably dropped a bit now. :smiley:

FP didn’t drop a bit, but they will get there. No doubt. :-TU