3.11.111344.557 Release Notice [CLOSED]

My CIS updated to 3.11.111344.557 about 2 hours ago, but I can’t find a Release Notice for this version.

Have I overlooked it ? - If not , when will it be available?

Noticed the same thing. Also found a bug in latest revision. Check this post:


Well mine popped up the updater notification so I clicked went to update then it went away.
So tried a manual update and it said no updates are available.
Im on 522.
This was within the last 5 minutes.

So is there an update or not?

Its an update available… But its only available for special people, thats why you didn’t get it, and thats why there are no release notes about it… 88) :-TU

Must be more to it than that but I will wait till someone in the know lets me know.

Well…I’m not special and I updated and rebooted and things seem to be fine but D+ doesn’t show in Windows Security Center any longer; and there are no release notes.
What’s going on???
Some proper feedback, please.


Sloppy or dangerous? Very critical to have solid info before using. All ok now does not mean that next month the planted worm will not popup. ???

The previous update was pulled due to problems (unstated, although perhaps obvious). If you had already updated, CIS’s update will downgrade you back to 552. I assume we’ll have to wait for 557 once it is fixed.

Hehe… I was just joking about this being an update for “special” people… (:TNG) :Beer

Iam sure release notes will come… Comodo has been late with release notes previously…

Well, I’ve just reupdated and I’m back to 552.


Weird. :o
I did not update, however I also saw the update available but its not available any more…?? :o

How does it look for you guys when checking for updates?

Monkey_Boy, please see my post above. Thanks.

Wasn’t sure if it was a joke or not.
So now I know and can laugh :D.

Oh thanks, that explains it. :-TU I must have missed your post while eating a banana. 88)

Easily done, banana’s are like that. :slight_smile:

Lol, now we know that this release was a screw up… However JoWa did provide the download links to the full executable files if anyone feel like running it in a test environment just for fun: 88) 88)

32 Bit Setup

SHA1: 40E6A9C1F8BBCD05D90471921DD006406D6136A0
MD5: 9E1878A68916C7C247A4C3D4FC7924E3

64 Bit Setup

MD5: ADB8D1F3B3548BEE31AF0EF9D0506149

Remember, this is not recommended and it was probably not released for a reason, I suggest waiting for the official release, but well, testing can be fun, or you can just store it as some sort of “collectors edition” file… O0 :-TU

At minimum, it breaks Security Center on Vista and Action Center on Windows 7. And at maximum, you get completely and utterly pwned by some 13 year old girl wannabe hacker (who tells the world on Facebook) because the Firewall wasn’t working properly. Your call.

Probably true, its nothing recommended… Good thing you point that out so no freak goes and tries to install it on a work PC… btw, damn I hate it when those “13 yr girl wanna be hackers” strikes and pwn the shit out of you… 88) 88)

I’ve made it a habit not to update right away due to the high probability the first release will be screwed up. Come on Comodo… 88)

I wonder if we will be able to download the v4 pre beta.

If only we could get a log of the changes, anyone going to take a picture of the changes, if any?