3.10.102363.531 AV Update freezes at 30%

I just upgraded to CIS 3.10.102363.531. on a Vista 32 bit w/SP1 and current MSoft patches.
Since the update:
(1)- the CIS Summary panel continues to tell me that “a new version of Firewall Pro is available”
(2)- Windows Defender says that Comodo is reporting that it’s AV database is out of date.
(3)- CIS Summary says the AV database “is being updated now”.

When I click on the CIS “being updated now” message, a popup box says the download progress is 30%.
No matter how long I wait, 30% is all I get.

I have re-downloaded and re-installed 3.10 to no avail. HELLLLLLLPPPPPPP!!

I had this happen to me as well on my last install. I just kept rebooting my PC until on the third reboot it downloaded the whole thing.