3.10.101801.529 X64 freezes XP64


After installing CIS_Setup_3.10.101801.529_XP_Vista_x64 or the earlier version CIS_Setup_3.9.95478.509_XP_Vista_x64 my Windows XP 64 (SP2) freezes after a few minutes after the login. Uninstalling the Firewall fixes it.

I’m using Custom Policy mode and got Defense+ fully disabled. I’ve noticed the first freeze occuring after allowing CVHOST to access the net, might be related to this post?

CPU: 64bit
OS: Windows XP SP2 64
Other security apps running: Nod32 (64bit)
Because of the freeze I am not able to provide logs, screenshots or crashdumps.

PS: Is there an archive to access older x64 Comodo releases? I don’t remember this problem occuring at earlier versions.

Edit: I’ve found a link to CFP_Setup_3.0.25.378_XP_Vista_x64. This version doesn’t freeze.

Thank you!

I used the update of Comodo Firewall to install 3.10.101801.529.

This renders the PC almost totally unusable: CPU usage is 100%, and with Task Manager I cannot activate ‘Show processes from all users’.
I am using Vista X32 SP1.

I notice that the download program is an earlier version.

I have used System Restore to get back to my previous version - I don’t know what that is as the Version info is blank.

May or may not be related but similar hanging problem occured with vista home basic 32 bt also. I happened before and it happened again with 3.10.x.x.

Hi Guys

First, please make sure you using the latest version of Comodo Internet Security: COMODO Internet Security 3.10.102363.531
Secondly, We are now collecting bugs in one place now: COMODO Internet Security 3.10 Bug Report Thread

COMODO Internet Security 3.10 is the last version of the “version 3 series” of both the Firewall, Antivirus, Defense+ and the other technologies. To simplify; This is the last CIS version before COMODO Internet Security 4.0. ANY bugs existing with COMODO Internet Security 3.10.xxx needs to be posted in the above bug reporting thread, This way developers can fix any issues in CIS v4.0 that replicate in CIS v3.10 and make sure they don’t exist in CIS 4.0, and have all these bugs in one place right here. IF However an emergency fix needs to be made, Then it will be fixed in a 3.10 build BEFORE 4.0. Developers are watching the thread closely.

Please post full bug reports details in the thread so developers don’t miss anything. :slight_smile: