3.015.277 Problems with Vista

I recently purchased a new PC after my previous one suffered from an irrecoverable BIOS problem. I had installed and used Comodo 3, since its release, on that system quite successfully through several updates up to and including the current release.

My first software installation on the new, clean system was Comodo Firewall, followed by two applications that require frequent web access plus an alternative browser to IE7. I then tried to get each application to access the web but each failed. The big surprise was that neither browser allowed access. Review of the settings failed to resolve the problem.

I then reverted to the PC’s as-delivered state and tried again, this time leaving Comodo until almost the end. The result was no different. Once Comodo was installed, nothing was then able to access the internet. This is disastrous!

As Comodo does not uninstall cleanly, leaving all of its settings in the registry, I was obliged to redo my system for the third time in as many days just to get internet access - without Comodo.

Currently, I am left with nothing other than the minimal Windows Firewall for protection. Help please!

What rules were you using for your browsers? Did you get anything in your log? What are your global rules? See attached set of web browser rules that helps generate logs of things the browser might want to do that the rules don’t allow.

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