3,0 GHz Core Duo = too slow for Defence+?

While i’m installing new program, Defence+ asking what to do.
I click “OK” and cfp.exe taking 100% from one 3,0 GHz core for 10-15 s!
If i have bad luck and must click 10 times while 1 install, i wasting 100-150 s for WAITING.
Question is: what doing cfp.exe after i click “OK” on popup from Defence+?
He is crunching seti or something? ???

This is happening for a long time ago (1 year?).
I check every new version and nothing change.

WindowsXP HE
Comodo firewall + Defence+ 3.8.65951.477
avast 4.8.1335

I’m considering completly removing Defence+. :cry:
Anyone have this issue?

Never happened to me. Suggest switching to installation mode (or training mode) when installing stuff though

This happens because CIS writes the whole ruleset to the registry everytime a rule is saved. So, the more rules you have, the longer it will take to save them.

I’ve tried to minimize the size of the ruleset by defining programs as trusted, instead of using custom rules. It takes about 5 seconds on my quadcore to save the rules now. A bit too much to my liking.

You can also use purge to get rid of programs that no longer exist on your computer, thus reducing the size of the ruleset.

Let’s hope Comodo improves on this in the future.

I never encountered this problem myself…
But I hope it gets fixed in 3.9… (optimistic) As it gives some users a bad experience of CIS… :-\ :-[

And its severe… I know that I myself would not stand a 10 sec delay… not even a 2 second delay I think =/…

The best you can do for now is to remove a lot of D+ rules as said before…
found at: D+>advanced>Computer security policy…

use the purge button as suggested by Lysias… And I would also suggest manually removing any applications from the list that you rarely use… =) The less the better… =D

Ohhhh, i see.
Thanks very much Lysias and Monkey_Boy=) for informations.
I’m going to cleanup some trash from rules and waiting for 3.9 or 4.0 or … >:-D

If you’re willing to change your approach, you can cut down on this time a lot. I went from 18 seconds for Defense+ ruleset saves in my old approach to 2 second Defense+ ruleset saves with my new approach, on a very old cpu. Details at https://forums.comodo.com/feedbackcommentsannouncementsnews_cis/an_approach_for_configuring_defense_for_many_fewer_alerts-t36657.0.html. If you don’t want to use the whole approach, you can cut down on ruleset size nonetheless by moving allowed executables from individual policies to the ‘All Applications’ policy.

Well,I think this is a real problem caused by the way of reserving rules in registry. I am sure that saving them with xml form(or some else) instead of the current one will solve this problem.