[ XPx32] Malware Scan Hangs at particular files [Not a Bug, Mistake.]

The scan always hangs at these files (depends on which is scanned first):



Hello, could you send me your “C:\WINDOWS_default.pif” to my box : leey@comodo.com, thanks,
or , you could add my contact MSN:suif.liyuan@gmail.com, waiting your msg, thanks

email:leey@comodo.com OR

Thank you, i just emailed it to you.

It has proved to be a bug in my eyes… :-[

I hadn’t noticed the “Scan is complete” in the upper part. I was expecting the scan to end in alfabetical order i guess or see somethig like “nothing found” in the white window.

That was very stupid of me.

Sorry for all the trouble.