x32: Very minor GUI bugs

32-Bit XP SP2
FW: Customer
D+: Clean PC Mode
DPI: 120

Doesn’t matter which Firewall mode I’m on, I see that the word “to”, specifically the letter “o” overlaps the Firewall mode in the Summary screen. All three blue links (Firewall mode, Defense+ mode, and waiting for your review) are slightly misaligned as if they are bumped up a bit (like superscripted) when compared to their respective lines.

This has been mentioned before, but I wasn’t clear on whether it’s caused by WindowBlinds or just a DPI setting issue: the right border in the Miscellaneous screen cuts off in 2 areas. I also just noticed an extra space between the words analysis and by and the words post and and.

Stretching or maximizing the screen changes nothing.

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