[] problem with AVG Free 8.0 scan and cfp (vista 64-bit)[RESOLVED]

Hi guys,

A couple of minutes ago I encountered a strange problem with cfp.

Namely, I right-clicked two mp3 files and selected “scan with avg free”. After that the firewall reported a bug (I’m attaching the bug report). The scan didn’t start. Fortunately the computer didn’t freeze.

I don’t know if it’s of any importance but before all this happened I had scanned my system with CFP. It didn’t find anything so I closed its window. After that I wanted to make sure that the files I just downloaded (these mp3s) were OK so I decided to run a scan with AVG. You know the rest of this story…

I’ve never seen anything like this and have never had any compatibility issues with AVG and cfp, until now…

However, after rebooting everything is working absolutely fine. Now, it scanned these two files without any issues (they are OK).

I don’t think my computer is infected with a virus or somethin’ either as I scan it every day with AVG and Spyware Terminator. I also use Comodo Boclean and CMF.

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Heyy don’t worry about this! pc are verry complex and there hapens verry much in the background! AVG 8.0 and CFP are constantly scanning in the background and sometimes there is some kind of conflict! I think your pc is running pretty fine and this was just one of the many background conflicts that you sometimes encounter.

I wish you a nice day!


That’s good to hear.

Have a nice day too (:WAV)

First thing you’ll want to do is completely uninstall AVG free 8.0, once all traces are gone reinstall the trial version of Web root’s Spy Sweeper 60 day trial.
If its free your after go to Avira


OOPS’ the link for a review on the sweeper and directions to the download site


You may want to look @ this application; Super Anti-Spyware free

Sorry turnorburn but I’m not going to get rid of AVG. In my book, it’s a fanatastic product and doesn’t need to be replaced with any other piece of software.

Mind you, as I wrote earlier, it was the first time any conflict between AVG and CFP happened(I’ve been using AVG Free for a couple of months now with absolutely any issues with cfp).

But, nevertheless, I appreciate your care!

Thanks & regards


That’s fine mate, I used it for years as well but the company went through some changes lately
and since then I’ve been getting feedback about the product being , #1 slow and cumberson,
#2 It gives false positive information and if you delete the so called infected file its to your own chagrin (:NRD)

Well, I don’t want offend any of you… But Spysweeper does not have a big database like AVG has… AVG has a database which contains proximately 1.1 million signatures of malware. Spysweeper only recognizes maybe about a half a million??? And if we compare the recources, I would say AVG still will beat Spysweeper, because it does not dive to much in to the roots of your system when it does not need too…
AVG is become a bit heavy, but it is stronger and more professional as it ever had been!

As for the extra’s, Spysweeper is a little bit more a commercial company than AVG, BECAUSE as far as I know Spysweeper only gives trials and it gives different pieces of software for small stuff, other people would classify this as bloatware… As for AVG it has a nice clean interface and everything is been integrated nicely…

You get some linkscanner technology for free and multiscanning engine where you can set the speed by yourself!! that is better than SPYSWEEPER!

As for false positives, this can encounter to any antimalware product, remember the major false positive of NORTON??? I lighten it up for you:

A couple of years ago Norton send out some signature updates, but this went horribly wrong because the signatures classified some important windows files as badware and with the result that millions of people including some big companies were forced to reformat their pc’s.

Well the moral of this story is always use your brains when an antimalware solution says to you something is an infection, because signatures are static and can’t think, but you can!!! quarantine when needed!

About the story Spysweeper vs AVG, it just MY OPINION, they are bot sufficient solutions for protection against the bad guys, don’t forget they fight on the same side…

OKey, Have a nice day!


Then you haven’t tried the new beta release, today it blocked two attempted hijacks :P0l
When I run scanners from the different software outlets they come up empty,
absolutely clean through and through. (:NRD)


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