no cfpconfg.exe in Active Connections when CFP's built-in AV starts

32-Bit XP SP2
FW: Custom
D+: Clean PC Mode

Just when we thought all the bugs in the Active Connections window have been fixed, I found another. I’ve only observed this recently, so unsure if it was present in previous versions. When I launch the Scan My System in Defense+, I know cfpconfg.exe connects out, but it doesn’t appear the Firewall’s Active Connections window when there is a large number of connections active.

This is more likely to occur when:
-I run uTorrent, for example. By large I mean 20+ connections
-If I open the Active Connections window first then run the AV scanner

I think part of this issue has something to do with the background/foreground issue because the workaround seems to be if I click the Active Connections window after the scan starts and then stop the scan (if that makes any sense). However, even this workaround only sometimes works.