[] Allowing incoming access to www? [Resolved]


I’m no expert with Comodo, and I’m stuck at how to allow host on the same private LAN to access the web server running on my XP host. I did allow all hosts, but still can’t access my PC. What else should I do?


Thank you.

You may need to check both machines. The x.3 machine sends a query to x.1 web server, and then the x.1 server sends the answer back to x.3. Either the query is being blocked by the x.1 firewall, or the answer is being blocked by the x.3 firewall. That’s presuming there’s a firewall on each machine. Have you looked at the firewall logs on each machine?

My mistake: The web server was listed in the Advanced > Network Security Policy as Blocked. I guess someone from the Net tried connecting to it once, and the default choice was to block access… which ended up having the side-effect of also blocking access from local hosts.

Thank you.

Alrighty. I’ll mark this topic as resolved, and lock it for reference. If it needs to be reopened, please PM any of the moderators.