Pending Files question.

I installed 349 yesterday and since I have seen no pending files. I regularly saw at least four files from my AV (avast!). Usually I see many (100s) of pending files when I DL and extract files which I have done a lot of lately. I am running both D+ and FW in Safe Mode. Previously I ran D+ in Clean PC Mode.
I am Running Win XP Pro x64 Ed. Where can I DL the last version if I decide I need it?
Thanks for your help, John.

Only in clean pc mode do you get pending files. Frankly I find pending files annoying so I leave D+ in safe mode.

Where can I DL the last version if I decide I need it?

I believe you do have the latest version of the firewall right now, looks like the latest one up on the Comodo Site. If you want to take a look go to http://personalfirewall.comodo.com

Is that what you were asking?

Thanks, Vettetech and psych1610 for your replies.
I meant to ask about the previous version.
I set D+ into Clean PC Mode and started getting Pending Files. I guess I got so used to dealing with them, I missed their presence.
I don’t seem to know the relative strength of the D+ modes. I assumed that Safe Mode was stronger (more) protection than Clean PC Mode.
Thanks again, John.

http://www.filehippo.com/download_comodo/ will give you the old versions off CFP 3 :slight_smile: It’s a very popular site too!

@ johnhc,

From dealing with Defence+,the only differance i can see between “Clean PC” and “Safe” mode is the pending files.Pending Files feature is one i like(probably a minority) and i wish they could make it an option whatever mode your in.


Thanks, 3xist and Matty_R for your replies.
I appreciate the link - good to know.
I, too, kinda like Pending Files and will probably stay in Clean PC Mode.
Thanks again, John.