x32 XP SP2: Doesn't Prompt Before Deleting Logs

32-Bit XP SP2
CFP only security program
Custom Firewall mode & Clean PC Defense+ mode

This issue started at least during the first version 3 final where it would sometimes not prompt the user prior to actually clearing the Firewall or Defense+ log. Very difficult to duplicate since it doesn’t always happen.

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Hallo Byakuya welcome to the forum ;D (… :o)

How many times this issue happens a day?

if this happens frequently maybe saving Documents and Settings\All Users\application data\comodo\Firewall Pro\cfplogdb.sdb in a separate folder before clearing could provide us with the log db file that was in place when this issue occurs.

Maybe it is some DB related issue. If this is the case the failing DB could make this issue reproducible at will.

I’ll test this too never paid attention to clear dialogs. (I guess I just considered them a nuisance :P)

Something like this. The outcome shoud be to save the log db until this issue can be reproduced. The latest log backup should be the one that triggered this issue.
As for CFP Logviever default behaviour those confirm dialogs will not be displayed if the affected (D+, F+ or both) log is empty. Sometimes the log is filled but the logviewer windows is not yet updated thus it looks empty. In this case the confirmation alert will be displayed.
Anyway to backup succesfully the affected CFP log db no new entry should be logged before using the Logviever “Clear” menu option.
It look easier said than done. :-X

As for those WOS enties I guess those should be CFP SPI entries. If this is true they only list blocked connection to closed ports.
No clue here about the system entries. Anyway I gess that a new bugreport topic should be opened to let otherm members reproduce this.

I already did.

No, actually. When they are empty (I know for a fact they are because I just cleared them and diabled logging in all rules and in the Settings screen), it actually always prompts me. BTW I usually click on the main branch for both the Firewall and Defense+, not the sub-branches like “Today”, “This Week”, etc…

But the attached is really the database log right before I encountered the issue again.

Ugh :-. I started one for v2.4 in the past and it never was fixed until v3. The only difference is at least v3 has one extra option in the Setting so that the log doesn’t get produced at all.

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You’re right :stuck_out_tongue: I guess my brain ran out of O2.

Anyway I found out a way to accurately reproduce this (I hope :o)

Ok load the logviewer and wait for a rule to be logged. Then rightclick and choose Refresh. Use the Clear function. No confirm prompt.

To be sure I pinged a lan ip using ping -t (infinite ping ;D) and a logging rule for ping.exe

As soon as I used the refresh menu entry and clicked on clear menu entry I got no prompt.
This should be a related issue but I guess that is exactly what happens at random.

As I found out your log db was not able to trigger the issue there so it is somewhat related to CFP logviewer GUI code.

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Geez you are right :o. I wiped my log testing this though :cry:

I have the automated leftclick syndrome. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can confirm this action as well on both D+ and Firewall logs.


Issue continues into (:HUG)