won't show alerts for outbound connections attempts

Haven’t seen a topic for this topic: I just got installed on XP 32 bit. All rules was reset, both firewall and D+. Now it’s relearning everything which I don’t mind for. But the problem is that CFP (firewall part) leaks like a colander, it hasn’t alerted me at all for Firefox, IE etc. “Allow” rules are automatically created. Very annoying, why is this happening? A feature to trust known apps? I’m using “Train with safe mode” and “Medium” alert frequency level.


Try custom policy and high-otherwise you will get a lot of automatic loose rules, since these are all safe applications.

Thanks, “custom policy” was enough (I didn’t have to chose “high”). Now I get alerts. IE (iexplorer.exe) was not recognized, which surprised me as DC++ was recognized. Maybe it’s due to the latest M$ updates. Anyway, I wonder why this feature came with, it certainly hasn’t been there before. What kind of function is that - no alerts whatsoever with the recommended configuration. ???


Tis Funny How Some Complain That there are Not Enough Alerts whilst others Complain That there are Too Many Alerts … If Comodo fells an app is Safe i Believe them so Train with Safe Mode Is Good for me… Then Again this Thread Ain’t about me So… :■■■■

You’re right, we are all different. :slight_smile:
I’ve never been bothered by alerts, I get nervous when they don’t appear… :o