does not even know its own files

I updated to yesterday. As everyone else has found all polices are lost.
Not a big deal but it would have been nice to know upfront. Sure I was told after the update but it should have told me before. Oh and whats the deal with the AV scanner and the optional remote removal option? I opted out but still got the scanner. The main reason for this post is I found it very funny that does not even recognize its own files. If you run the online lookup most of its own files are still not recognized. No big deal for me but very humorous. People are complaining about major problems with this update. I must have been lucky as so far I have no major problems.

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I thought that very strange as well. I am one of those users who has some serious issues with this release. What’s discouraging is that each new release seems to introduce new problems, without fixing the old ones.

Please don’t misunderstand, I remain a fan and supporter of CPF. That said, I still think that a firewall should be an application that protects my system while I surf the web, and not another piece of high maintenance software that requires a lot of my time and constant tweaking to function properly.

I’m a firm believer in a “set it and forget it” firewall, although I understand the need for a moderate number of popups, and they don’t bother me. For now, I’ve backed off to .295, and adopted a wait-and-see attitude.

Well said. Set it and forget it is why I am going back to ZAAS. I cant even install Windows Updates without baby sitting Comodo. (:AGY)

IMO if you want set it and forget it. Use windows firewall. To have a good firewall and security software product it has to bug you to some degree. If it did not it would block things it should not or not block things it should block. Thats why you can choose the warning level. I do agree that any product should be as smart as possible so you can get er done!

As I said above, I don’t mind mind the popups, and that’s not what I mean by “set and forget”. What I’m speaking of is spending half of my computer time creating rules for programs that can’t connect (including Windows Update), deciphering cryptic error messages, telling CPF over and over things I’ve already told it to remember, not to mention the relentless torrent of pending files (it’s beyond me why CPF can’t be configured to handle these automatically in the background).

Another example is the installer or updater mode, why is there a popup asking whether it should be turned off? Shouldn’t it turn off automatically when the installer finishes?

In short, Comodo should alert me to possible threats, should prompt me to decide how to treat such threats, but definitely should NOT force me to interrupt what I’m doing to babysit it because it is buggy, not sufficiently configurable, or forgets what I’ve asked it to remember.

I know that’s a lot to expect of a free security application. but I do. Nevertheless, I remain a fairly satisfied user, and I thank the development team for helping make the web a safer place.

As for Windows Firewall, IMO it’s worthless.