(x32) Defense + Events

PGPtray.exe Access Memory cfpupdat.exe
PGPtray.exe Access Memory cfpsubmit.exe
wmplayer.exe Access Memory cfp.exe
wmplayer.exe Access Memory cmdagent.exe


Where is the bug? Give appropriate information, pls.

Predefined rules for COMODO Fire Pro in Computer Security Policy are default Allow but Defense + blocking these programs.


The COMODO Firewall Pro file group does have the “Interprocess Memory Access” option access right set to Allow, which means that the applications in this group are allowed to access other application’s memory, not vice versa. To be able to access COMODO processes’ memory, PGPtray.exe and wmplayer.exe must have their own “Interprocess Memory Access” access rights set to Allow (or have the COMODO Firewall Pro file group in the corresponding Allowed Applications list for this option).

So, no bug here.

You need to add pgptray.exe and wmplayer.exe to the exception list of the Comodo Firewall Pro protection settings for Interprocess Memory Accesses to make these events go away. As it stands with 295, you can no longer add anything to the CFP exception list and has been reported as a bug here.


Done, but without any positve effect.