Removal of previous version 273

Rather a nightmare, but probably due to the fact that I complicated matters by using an uninstall program instead of the ‘route one’ (Control Panel) method. Obviously, forgot the golden KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) rule! :-[

Firewall Events Viewer

  1. As with the previous version 273, my Firewall Events Viewer contains no entries, although again, as before, I can see entries in the Log Viewer for both the firewall and Defense+.

  2. Still searching for the ‘Log as a firewall event if this rule is fired’ box to tick.

  3. The hyperlinks, e.g ‘Network Security Policy’, which were returning an IE Script Error (line 233, char 1830) are now working properly.

Acronis True Image Home

Previous program access problem cured.

MS Office Service Pack upgrade

I discovered that it is probably better to disable both the firewall and Defense+ with such a large software upgrade. The reason for this is the number of alerts which appear, causing the upgrade to constantly pause. This is not a criticism because I presume CFP is only performing the job it was designed to do. Perhaps, I am overlooking something?


As with 273, I have not tried to upgrade. Any ideas when this facility will be safe to employ, or is another release required before this becomes a reliable feature?


From a poor start, the level of confidence I used to have in 2.4 is beginning to return.


Hi yorker,

read my post, the last thread https://forums.comodo.com/help_for_v3/firewall_log_viewer_is_completely_empty-t17164.0.html

that will help you resolve the firewall log viewer entries prob your having

For those of you unfamiliar with the operation of Mailwasher Pro, it is designed to filter spam and other ‘undesirables’ from the inbound mail server, i.e. before they reach your computer.

The program has the ability to launch a designated e-mail application by a clicking on a toolbar button. However, I have discovered that, unless Defense+ is disabled (I have tried all the various Modes), the e-mail program will not launch from within Mailwasher Pro.

How do I get Defense+ to permit one application to launch another?

The issue with Defense+ blocking my e-mail filtering program (Mailwasher Pro) from launching my e-mail program (Outlook) has been resolved by creating an Application Activity System Control, or AASC rule if you find that a bit of a mouthful!

Initially, I found Mailwasher Pro listed under Custom Policy, so I deleted the entry and manually entered it under Trusted Application. However, when I verified the new entry, it had reverted to Custom Policy, exactly the same as the original entry which I had deleted. ???

Anyway, the important thing is that recreating this rule has allowed me to launch the e-mail program from within Mailwasher Pro.

Just one other issue. Under Computer Security Policy are two columns, viz. Application Name and Treat As. It would be really helpful if the entries under those columns could be sorted alphabetically.