and updates

Will someone please advise when the Check for Updates facility is likely to become operational?

My understanding is that it currently reverts v. to the previous version.


Just tried “Check For Updates” with v.
Results: There are no updates available.
I believe reverting to a previous version was true of a previous version, not v.


Yeah, I think updating from that special version caused a downgrade. Now with I get the same results as you - no updates available. is the latest version.


Im currently having the same problem, when updating, or should o say, trying to update, it keeps telling me that theres no updates available, which must be wrong. I’ve not been able to get an update for several weeks now.

Im using Firefox, and know IE is needed to update, but have tried this, to no avail.

Im currently downloading the latest version of CFP.

Will my settings be automatically transferred over from my previous CFP? Or will I need to re-enter all my port settings again?

Thanks in advance.

There’s a risk that you will lose your settings, according to this post. Perhaps you should try the export function (Manage My Configurations), from Miscellaneous tab in CFP? I don’t know though, how it works and what it will export.


Thanks for your prompt reply.

I have managed to export my settings using the built-in “Import&Export Manager” to System32

Just hope I can Import them now. Just about to install the new version. Import my old config, then I will report back here how it went.

Thanks again


Scratch that, cannot export config settings. Thought I could when I found the Import&Export window. Says I dont have permission. (:SAD)

No permission? Odd. Aren’t you logged in as administrator? Do you have XP or Vista?


Can you not export them with UAC turned off? That seems to work for most people.

Im running Vista Business, and am the sole user of my laptop. Im logged in to Administrator as far as i know, entered password upon booting up laptop, however, certain activities I carry out on this machine, do send the screen dark, with a small window popping up asking for me to agree to something. Kind of asking permission before carrying out the task Ive asked it to do.

My OS is in Finnish which don’t help matters, however, I am learning the language, but still finding my way around this laptop.

Any help on how to disable, and re-enable UAC would be greatlt appreciated.

The easy way:


Thanks, will give that a shot.