(32-bit): Half-Dead GUI

AMD Athlon 64 bit
RAM 1 gb
AGP GF6600
Windows XP Pro SP2 32 bit, updated
AV Avast! Home (Comodo folders excluded)
CFP (32-bit)
Firewall: custom policy
D+: Clean PC Mode

BUG: Very slow GUI
I mean CFP and only CFP windows (not other windows or overall system performance) which appears like as heavy homepage via old 13kb modem - borders first, background next, active text links, pictures… and so on.
Sometimes when some new process is blocked by D+, I just do click on my wallpaper - on place where must be (and will be after 2-6 seconds) “OK” button of D+ alert window - and things go further.
These slowdowns appears in versions only (wasn’t in 3.0.13…).


Can you please go to http://support.comodo.com, regoster and lodge a support ticket on this, including the detail you’ve included in your post. In addition to this detail, can you also add the driver version for your video card, as they may need this.

Let us know how you get on.

Ewen :slight_smile:

OK, thanks.

Incredible! (:AGY)
What I got: the best medicine for headaches - an axe ;D
I thought HIPS is causing this issue. You can take following steps to disabled Defense+…” ???
But… if I disabled Defense+… then… for what I need CFP3 at all?!
I knew that CFP is causing this issue, I just want to know that this is possible / will be fixed or not, or I have to go back to 2.4 + alternative app for HIPS.

I was having the same issue. I started closing down things to see if that helped. Ultramon.exe, the multiscreen utility seems to have some kind of conflict w/ comodo. Haven’t gotten chance to do additional checking yet, but that seems to be the main culprit.


Some other users are reporting redraw issues with the GUI, wherein it uses a ton of CPU and brings everything down to a grinding stop. One of the Moderators indicated that he had this issue all thru the betas until this most recent version; however, other users said it didn’t start until the most recent version.

It may be a conflict with some other utility such as mentioned here. I’d suggest passing that info along to Support along with a list of other utilities you may be running when it happens. They should be able to get some diagnostics going that way.


It happens permanently (since 14.273) even when other running “utility” is Windows alone :wink:

Have you tried disabling Image Execution Control in Defense +/Advanced, or in the Defense + Settings (also D+/Advanced), uncheck the Computer Monitor entry under the Monitor Settings tab?

I’d suggest trying that one at a time separately, then perhaps both together. if Support thinks it’s the HIPS, those would be the places I’d look first for a possible target/workaround.


Thanks for reply, Little Mac
I have two answers from Support, in second Avast is suspected, not HIPS :wink: Anyway I don’t look for workaround because that means less functional applications (D+ itself or Avast or whatever). IMO there is two correct ways: to uninstall CFP3 or to wait patiently for good update. I choose second because of Christmas lazyness :slight_smile:

Lots of pie, full belly, sit on the couch and wait for New Year’s… Definitely sounds like a plan! ;D


Yep! :Beer

I have the same problem while ultramon is running. When ultramon is stopped everythign is fine.

I just installed the newest version of utlramon 3.0.1, which is supposed to be vista compatible.
Although I am not running vista, the problem is gone. (:WIN)

I was having the problem as well, but I don’t run either AVAST or UltraMon. In my case, it seems to be due to running the Logitech SetPoint program for my mouse (version 4.24.99). Once I quit that program, the GUI went back to normal.

(BTW, I’m running WinXP with SP2)

Hi, petersw
I also have Logitech SetPoint (4.24.28) but CFP GUI is half-dead - with or without SetPoint.exe+KHALMNRP.exe running.
BTW may be interesting for you: SetPoint.exe vs cfp.exe.

Just curious …ATI display card???

I’m at my father in laws place and his GUI redraw is noticeably slow (wouldn’t say it was half speed, but it’s certainly not quick).

2D driver version number is

Ewen :slight_smile:

Avast, UltraMon, SetPoint ?!?

I actually don’t think that is a problem of these programs, also if they are connected to it.
For me it was connected to UltraMon, but I never had a problem with UltraMon before, and I never saw a program behaving that strangely as CPF.

It is definitely a problem of CPF!!!

Anyway, why must CPF use that vista look, even on XP machines? Besides looking ugly, it only seems to cause problems!

Hi, Ewen
I’m not IT but (or therefore) my intuition says: the problem will be resolved as Comodo puts away GUI skinning, or at least adds option to disable skins. Supposition (probably :wink: ) based on bug history in comparison with versions changelogs.

agree :Beer