O/S: Windows Vista Home

I was forced to remove v. for the following reasons;

  1. My computer repeatedly locked-up and I was unable to reboot without powering down. This only happened when Defense+ was running.

  2. Applications would not load because the relevant file associations were no longer present.

  3. I was unable to access the main Comodo program screen from Start Menu and the Tray icon vanished. Even clicking on the relevant executable file in Program Manager produced nothing.

I am now running and, although it is still early days, I can report that none of the above issues have, to date, reappeared.

Keep up the good work. (:CLP)

I forgot to mention that I am currently blocking updates to this version.

Is there any risk in allowing updates to proceed?

Do not allow the updates - if you do you will end up with the 268 release version.


Is the Firewall Events/Log Viewer deliberately disabled in this version?

I can find no data in either category.

Do you mean comodo Firewall Pro: Log Viewer in 3.014.273?
because if so then its not disabled in mine, I just checked it on mine after reading your post to see if it was.

Currently, my Firewall Events Viewer contains no entries.

By contrast, if I click on the ‘More’ button, I can see entries in the Log Viewer for both the firewall and Defense+. Logic suggests that the entries in the firewall log should also appear in the Firewall Events viewer, or am I confusing two different functions? In which case, I’d appreciate an explanation of the difference. ???

One other point on this subject. The reason for the above could be because, unless it is set by default, I have not ticked ‘Log as a firewall event if this rule is fired’. When I tried to read further the hyperlink returned an IE Script Error (line 233, char 1830). The same thing happens if I click on the ‘Network Security Policy’ link.

I’d be grateful if someone would indicate the whereabouts of this ‘Log as a firewall event if this rule is fired’ tick box.

Hi Yorker,

I tried looking for where it is but I can’t find it, here is a bit I coped from the help file it points to a Network Control Rule box, but I’ve looked and I can’t find that box on mine to be able to tell you where to find it. I installed my firewall with teh default options so “Log as a firewall event if this rule is fired” was setup by default by the firewall and I have new entries everyday in my “View Firewall Events Log”

Adding and Editing a Network Control Rule

The Network Control Rule Interface is used to configure the actions and conditions of an individual network control rule. If you are not an experienced firewall user or are unsure about the settings in this area, we advise you first gain some background knowledge by reading the sections ’ Understanding Network Control Rules’ , ‘Overview of Rules and Policies’ and ‘Creating and Modifying Network Policies’

General Settings

Action : Define the action the firewall will take when the conditions of the rule are met. Options available via the drop down menu are ‘Allow’, ‘Block’ or ‘Ask’.

Protocol: Allows the user to specify which protocol the data packet should be using. Options available via the drop down menu are ‘TCP’, ‘UDP’, ‘TCP or UDP’, ‘ICMP’ or ‘IP’ (note: your choice here alters the choices available to you in the tab structure on the lower half of the interface)

Direction: Allows the user to define which direction the packets should be travelling. Options available via the drop down menu are ‘In’, ‘Out’ or ‘In/Out’

Log as a firewall event if this rule is fired: Checking this option will create a entry in the firewall event log viewer whenever this rule is called into operation. (i.e. when ALL conditions have been met).

Description: Allows you to type a friendly name for the rule. Some users find it more intuitive to name a rule by it’s intended purpose. ( ‘Allow Outgoing HTTP requests’). If you create a friendly name, then this will be displayed to represent instead of the full actions/conditions in the main Application Rules Interface and the Application Network Access Control interface.

One final issue before switching to

Unless I disabled firewall and Defense+, I could not access the program Acronis True Image. Not sure why, because I thought that I had manually granted all the necessary permissions.

Must be a problem somewhere in your rules

talk about speaking too soon or irony lol…
in i would get entries in the view firewall events ie. the firewall log

I installed yesterday and I’ve gotten no entries since then :o

my router blocks/filters or whatever any firewall intrustions, so thats why CFP hardly lists any if any, so far its been 0 intrusions detected for the CFP

if i disconnect my router then CFP ends up racking up the firewall intrusion events.

anyway just irony because now i’ve got 1 empty firewall log viewer with this new version

just funny so thought I’d post this ^ ;D