as Final?

I know this is a test version. We are waiting for final from official Comodo website.


Scanwith presents this version here as FINAL ! It may cause a confusion on new users’ minds.


Well, I would not believe everything I read there since it is not the Comodo download site. Also look at their screenshot - not very credible if you ask me.


They still need to fix those annoying update notifications and they’re most likely working to further mitigate bugs as we speak and they’ll probably sum it all up in another build, which will be the final version.

273 is NOT the final version. Please wait for an announcement on the forums.

But http://www.filehippo.com/

announcement that this is the new version!

No wonder that download sites are hosting the .273 build, since it was built to fix issues appearing with .268. But… That’s something they’re doing on their own, Comodo hasn’t flagged it as final, and the final will most likely be a new release that’s to come.





When I saw Melih’s smile here, went to Comodo and …

“” is ready as final!

Welcome the new life buoy!





Now its all hands down on CAVS 3!!! :slight_smile: