x32 Spelling & Grammatical Errors

“(for example P2P applications like eMule, Kazaa).”
should be:
“(for example: P2P applications like eMule, Kazaa, etc.).”

“In the latter case, instead of locking automatically, your firewall…”
should be:
“In the latter case, instead of blocking automatically, your firewall…”

“This option is the most convinient option for the most users.”
should be:
“This option is convenient for most users.”

Software developers rede and rite and spel gud! :wink: Hope Melih can afford a good tech writer/editor. :slight_smile:

At least they fixed the older errors we caught in the RC :slight_smile:

Skinning and language support will do wonders ;D

We are going to have a L33t speak version too 8)

Everyone is going to put his spelling errors too

And I’ll have my CBF version too (:AGL)

You mean, “His or her…” ;D

BTW, I hope you don’t mind using your pic, Gibran. I already caught the spelling mistake on the very first installation, just that I was too lazy to report until and I was too eager back then to install v3 :smiley:

I noticed but I usually do the same ;D
It’s a responsible thing to not make duplicate posts(or pics) (:AGL)

It’s also the programmer’s code to avoid duplicated codes ;D.

Ok I’ll stop. Off-topic now (:SHY)