x32 Causes WMP To Open Files/Directories Slowly [Resolved]

Even though WMP 10 is defined as safe (PC Clean Mode), whenever I create an Application rule to block internet access IP In/Out for it, the File > Open > any file or browse open another directory or even to click Cancel on the Open window, it freezes for 15 seconds and then it does it intended job of opening it. If I then tried to open another file/folder, the speed is normal. However, if WMP 10 is closed and then relaunched to attempt the above steps, history repeats.

To resolve it, I can either remove the Blocked Application rule on it, enable the Work Offline option under WMP’s File menu, or disconnect from the internet. I think it’s related to WMP always trying to connect using UDP loopback or the DNS lookup whenever it’s first loaded. If that’s true then this could affect other apps in the same situation.

Update 1: On possible related note, with the block all rule removed, WMP still does the loopback & DNS despite both options are set to block in Defense+. Still the same outcome of the slowness…

Update 2: After opening WMP and waiting for after those 15 seconds, if I were to open or do any of the above things, it doesn’t freeze. So something is going on during the initial seconds after WMP is opened.

This issue persisted even with a reformat (nLite) on v3.0.14.276. How I eliminated the issue:
I ran a registry cleaner to find some keys that referenced non-existing directories & files in the WMP settings, but of course I manually edited the keys rather than straight out delete them. Since there were a combination of keys I edited and directories I deleted, I am not certain which ones did it:



[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders]
“My Pictures”=“”
“My Music”=“”
“My Video”=“”

These all originally and by default referenced the shared directories like ‘My Music’ and ‘My Video’, etc. Since I never use them, I deleted them as well as blanked out the values as can indicated above with the “”. It might have also something to do with deleting the Services > Napster key in that area. Irregardless, it was definitely not Defense+ but the blocking rule in the Firewall I set. Still a mystery how all this tied together.

Although this is really a workaround than a resolution, I can consider it resolved for my own needs and setup :BNC.