System Tray Icon

This has probably been mentioned before, but here we go anyway ;D. I think you should be able to disable both the firewall and defense+ with one click (right click on system tray icon). Also, system tray icon should change to show this or show the state of the CFP (whether one has been disabled or the other).


I agree (yet again on another point about the GUI) :slight_smile:

O yeah, I like things just right :D.


I’d like to add that the previous icon was better in providing a visual feedback of the status and operational actions. Namely when blocking (or not) all traffic the new icon is always white while in the previous version turned red. Also, during exchange of data the actual icon is somewhat confusing (from a graphical point of view) when the previous one with its red and blue arrows provided a better feeling of the ongoing traffic.

I like this one better, but it also has its drawbacks:

  1. The shield colour is whitish, making it a bit difficult to view due to the poor contrast, unlike the previous one with a darker background
  2. The animated arrows are better in v3 because they show how much data is being transmitted (incoming and outgoing), but they’re not accurate all the time. I put it in the wishlist v6.

I don’t mind the current icon (including incoming and outgoing traffic).

Would be nice to have the shield turn red or green whether the firewall is set to “Block All Mode” or “Disabled”. Not sure how the Defense+ side of things would look though ???. Maybe have the shield turn to a red “x” or something.


That could be why they removed the old all green and all red when all traffic was blocked/allowed in v2: the complication of having the other component is Defense+. Unless they wanted to add a total of 4 colours for all possibilities, which would complicate things even more ;D

Aren’t you making too much out of the icon?? :slight_smile:

Harry (:NRD)

Now way :D. The “Icon” today and it will be the GUI discused tommorow.


Ye better to take it out on the icon than other complaints people have report, you know - to draw the attention away

Didn’t we discussed this earlier before? ;D

;D. Oh my :-[, brings back memories. At least the current icon is better than 2.4.


Hi there!

I recently started using CPF 3.0 (tried 2.4 quite a time ago, too). One really important feature (imo) missing is to differentiate states by the systray icon. regardless whether the pf/defense+ is turned on or off always the same icon is shown. thats pretty poor from a security point of view.

maybe i just missed some settings? any help would be appreciated.
kind regards

WotC, I moved your thread here since this topic is broader, covering all aspects of the System Tray Icon.

I want TWO icons. A firewall and a D+ icon. The firewall icon should have the colouring like in 2.4, I’m fully supporting Graham1 here. The D+ icon should have a right-click option for installation mode.