24 x 7 connection

I need to connect an LS100 Ethernet to Serial Converter (1-port) to my home router in north Carolina. A Homeseer Z-Troller will connect to it via the serial port. This is for a z-wave network. The Z-wave server software is located in New York. I need to make the LS100/Z-Troller think it’s connected to the server in new york 24 hours a day 7 days a week. it will control locks, lights, camera’s etc… the alternative is I have to buy 2 homeseer server software packages and to pc servers. one for each place. a lot more expensive!!
Can I do this type of connection with EasyVPN?
And if the answer is yes, is there a cookbook I can read to make the connection?
Or if not any other siggestions for me?