24 hour clock in English language?

Hi all,

I’m just starting to use CIS and so far I’m very impressed. I have one minor problem. I prefer to use an English user interface and the only one available is ‘English (United States)’. When using this interface language all times are in 12 hour clock (AM/PM).

Is there any way of getting a 24 hour clock in an English interface language?

Hello gekko300 and very welcome to us!

Yes there is an solution, unzip attached file to ‘Program (or Program Files)\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\translations’

And after that, open CIS and go to ‘More → Preferences → tab Language’ and select ‘English24 (United States)’ and press OK.
After that, right click on CIS icon and select Exit. Start CIS gui again via ‘Start → Program → Commodo…’.

And, if you are lucky, then you have 24 hour clock!

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Hi Thunderbear, thanks for your effort. This seems to work fine on all reports, logs etc.

The only location I find it not working is when setting up a scheduled AV scan. That dialog is still in AM/PM mode.

Your’e welcome. Nice to give some help.
Scheduled AV scan dialog… don’t have any clue, it’s same for me :smiley: