24 frustrating hours with CIS V8

So, as most of you know comodo update the perfectly working CIS 7.X to 8.0.

First of all my congragulations for the dev-team for keeping the releases comming, but, I’m sorry to say they don’t quite cut the musterd as they used to.

Up untill the moment I updated to V8 my startupspeed (including the widget) was somewhere between 1m:05s and 1m:20s, off course there were some start-ups that took a bit more time caused by windows updates or just some irregular behaviour. After the update to V8 it is taking 3 minutes at least, one time it even took the better part of 7 minutes. I don’t know why, this happens and I wouldn’t care if there was only a minor delay… (that’s one)

Second big frustration I discoverred a couple of hours ago, my entire configuration I’ve had set-up with HIPS enabled and the Virusscope disabled was messed up. It looked like all of my settings where partly messed up. One of the few changes that didn’t change was the notifications tab. But the most important part of a good security program (being HIPS) suddenly got enabled. I don’t recall getting any kind of warning about this when applying the update.

Now, even with the settings restored to my custom settings I had in V7.X Comodo still takes ages to start…

Frankly speaking, this release simply made me doubt on the user-friendlyness of Comodo and its usefullness as a securityprogram. I’ve had issues with CIS before, but I’ve never been dissappointed so much. I’ve been using Comodo for over four years and recomending it to friends and family for the better part of three years.

Uninstall completely and install version 8 from its own setup package and see if you still have issues.

Yeah, I’d try slickr’s suggestion. My procedure for updating between major releases of CIS is to wait until the internal update is released, but still do a clean install and manually reconfigure my settings. It might be a slight inconvenience, but how often do you have to do that, anyway? Like once a year. There’s always a higher chance of something going wrong updating versus clean installing major releases.

I will reinstall CIS in a couple of days; just a quick question is there any way I can reinstall CIS without losing my firewall presets/rules? Reinstalling CIS isn’t such a burden, but reconfiguring everything (especially the custom rules) is a real pain in the ***.

Go to advanced settings and then configuration and then export your config.

After reinatall you go to the same place and import the config then activate it.

I’ve reinstalled comodo yesterday evening and have used those scripts referred to in other parts of the forum. I’ve let them run 4 times, and afterwards I’ve applied CCleaner. Offcourse I rebooted every single time after running a script and CCleaner.

I then reinstalled CIS8 and reimported the security file (So glad this option exist). After an initial reboot I removed GeekBudy and Live PC support and rebooted again. I’ve rebooted my PC a couple of times today and have to say that the results are mixed.

There is a clear improvement, it is not taking 5 minutes anymore and boot-up speed (including CIS) is now much more consistent.
Unfortunately it is still way more than it used to be (somewhere between 2:45 and 3:00).

I will leave it like this for now and hope that there will be a fix for this soon.