23.1 "About Comodo Dragon" no longer gives Chromium version ...


The Dragon 23.1 “About Comodo Dragon” no longer gives
the Chromium version info on which Dragon 23.1 is based …
I found the Chromium version info there»
but submit that Comodo should continue to list/embed
the Chromium version info in Dragon …


The Chromium version is displayed at the bottom of the About page.
If it is not visible on your system please add a screenshot.

Thank you.

Here it is…

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Here it is»

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You are using Portable version.

Portable still shows the version.
Are you signed into sync or similar? :-\

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The portable version should display the information in the same format as the non-portable.
Some of the browser’s resource files might be corrupted. I would suggest that you install Comodo Dragon portable to a different location and check if the issue reproduces.

Thank you.



Well, initially this problem existed on both laptops where I had CDport “installed”;
however, the problem subsequently disappeared on 1 of the laptops;
so I copied the “install” from that laptop to the other to (re-)solve the problem.

I would like to ask/know a few things about updating the CDport “install”.
My procedure is to “install” the CDport updates to a temp dir on my F:\ drive
then copy some of the new files into the working dir on my C:\ drive.
My procedure seems to cause no problems.
I do not know what caused the above anamoly.
It has not recurred after any subsequent “updates”.

The CDport update/install has 3 subdirs: extensions, locales & User Data.
My CDport working dir has 4 subdirs: the above 3 & Dictionaries.
Should/Must I keep the Dictionaries subdir & the 1 file in it?

The CDport update/install “extensions” has 2 files: share_page.crx & share_page.crx
My CDport working dir “extensions” has those 2 & 3 other files.
Should/Must I keep those other 3 files?
external_extensions.json is (modified)dated January2011.
The other 2 are dated December2012.

I delete all .pak files in the CDport “locales” - except for en-US.pak.

I copy no (0) files from User Data into the working dir.

When the root CDport dir introduces new files (dlls & etc),
I delete from the working dir files that are no longer in the CDport dir …

Any helpful replies/insights appreciated.