2009: Norton to Speed, Not Slow, Computers

I LOL on this one: here.

To determine the right direction for the 2009 edition, Trollope's team interviewed ordinary users to find out what they want... ...they're tired of security software that slows down their computer.
They need a seriously formed team to find out that issue? Oh, come on...

You have to give them some credit in that they finally found the reason why: it only took them a decade or two :-TU

Well at least they spend their money usefull now. At least they now what to do. Now let’s see how long it takes :THNK


A-Ha…Ha…Ha… My stomach’s hurts…
Oh, man.

Reading you’re reply, and the article’s author end note, just made my day.

“Norton to speed up computers, Not slow them down”

What a load off ■■■■… roflol