2009-11-17 update fails


This is me on Windows XP Pro 32-bit SP3 with all current updates.

Was running CIS just fine until this afternoon when it reported that an update was available. I approved the update, and the updater crashed in the middle of its task, bringing up the bug report box. Telling it to send the report caused CIS to attempt to run Thunderbird [my default email client] which then also crashed. Locked hard with no choice but to hard reset.

Windows would crash hard upon rebooting and logging in.

The only way around this was to reboot in safe mode and completely remove CIS, which I did.

I then downloaded the newest CIS installer [dated 2009-11-17 which I assume means it includes the 11-17 updates] and re-installed.

Upon rebooting, the same issue persisted - hard lockup crash, no way out but hard reset. Only choice to continue using the machine was to remove CIS completely from safe mode again.

Any suggestions?

It might just be coincidence but I have seen a couple of reports from people with XP Pro SP3 having the same problem and they all were using Thunderbird and/or Firefox. Maybe there’s a problem with Mozilla apps that didn’t exist before?. I am on the same OS but with no Mozilla and all is fine.

I don’t see how that could be the case, given that CIS locks up the system before any applications are loaded. [Noting: I’m using Google Desktop which loads on boot as well as Synergy, neither of which have had any troubles with CIS for me in the past.]

There may be an issue between CIS and Thunderbird, though, when trying to send error reports.

It was just a thought. It looks like the problem actually lies with some older AMD processors and chip sets.