2008 School Certificate Results for ME!!

As mentioned in this thread, I did Exams on Monday 10th of November, and Tuesday 11th of December, and Computing Exam on Friday 14 December. Each Exam was 2 hours duration (Maths, English, Science, History & Geography - Computers was online and one hour). So today I got my results, And my School Certificate and want to share it with you all! :slight_smile:

Band 0: Less then 40.
Band 1: 40-50
Band 2: 50-60
Band 3: 60-70
Band 4: 70-80
Band 5: 80-90
Band 6: 90-100

Highest one can achieve is 100. :slight_smile:

English-Literacy: Mark: 69, Band 3
Mathiematics: Mark: 56, Band 2
Science: Mark, 64, Band 3
Australian Geography, Civcs and Citzenship: Mark: 63, Band 3
Australian History, Civcs and Citzenship: Mark: 60, Band 3
Computing Skills: Mark: 76, Compenet.

I got mostly Band 3’s, But I DO admit I rushed Computers!!! I would got like 90, Oh well. Enjoy! lol I FINISHED SCHOOL. :slight_smile:

Is that for college or high school?

High School.

You rushed computers because there were no questions about COMODO, right? (:NRD) Congrats. :slight_smile:

Haha… I wish! :slight_smile:

Nah, I could of achieved alot higher! 76 is the lowest score I have got for computers, It was a 1 hour and 15 min exam and I finished it in half an hour for 100 questions (one mark each obviously), I was first to finish. :slight_smile: But next year it will change to 95-100 :slight_smile: