200+ outbound connections which doesn't show up

Hey. In the main comodo window, it says that I have 0 inbound and 200+ outbound connections. However, when I click to see the outbound connections, it only shows 1-20 connections from explorer, svchost and firefox combined. So where are the rest of these connections?

I’m using few months old windows 8.1 hp laptop, pretty much just for browsing.

If you click on “More”, it opens KillSwitch in Network mode, which displays the rest of the connections.
If you take note, most of those are listening only.

I see, but even when I do this, I get about 40 network connections. Been trying all the menus and options to see, if it’s hiding some connections, but found nothing. Got any other ideas?

I have about 102 on bootup today. It is showing all mine.

Still waiting for an advice, anything? Should I donate this laptop for the children of Africa now?

From CIS main screen,
Click on the outbound number itself (these are active areas).
That will display your connections.
A number of these are going to be from the same program.
Click on the “More” button (this opens KillSwitch).
Then look at your connections.
This will display all of them, with the associated program, in detail.
There is your 200.

Well the problem is, that I already did that as I wrote above and got 40 connections. So there’s my 40 connections.
This is starting to sound like I should reinstall my comodo or switch products; any tips for reinstall? Juuust using the firewall. Nothing else. Nope.

Could you show one or more screenshots to show your situation? Sometimes a picture tells more than a thousand words.

There you go. Happy to help you to help me.

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I checked with my installation and noticed that KillSwitch is showing more connections than View Connections from CIS. I don’t know if that’s by design or a bug.

Same here, KS showed ~140, CIS showed 0 in and 70 out.