2 things..suspicous attempts and avast updates

first off where it says its has defence+ blocked some stuff…how do u see what it blocked?..in fact how can you see a list of all blocked applications?

also ocne i install comodo firewall i cat do a manual update in avast…i can do ti fine with no firewall and even though avast is a trusted application it blocks the ability to click the update link…you click it and nothing happens…

just to say if i set defence + to disabled then i do the manual update fine…i even browse to all avast processes running and set all to trusted…then switch back to learning mode and same thing…manual updates blocked…why is there no section that shows each program that has had settings applied so you can check through them?.,.there is no way for me to see which process has been blocked as far as i can see!

You need to make Avast a trusted program in D+. To see the D+ log just simple click the D+ tab on top. Then click View D+ Events. To Find the Avast modules then go into D+ Advanced/Computer Security policy. (CLY)

You need to make avast.setup a trusted program in network policy and an installer and updater in security policy.