2 systray icons for CFP 3

Just installed CFPro 3. After installation, I realise that I have 2 systray icons for it.

Moving my cursor over them, they both produce “COMODO firewall Pro” as tooltip.

One of them is the animated traffic icon. New white shield.

The other is also the new white shield but with this puff of fire behind it. However, this one does nothing when i double click on it.

Can I remove the useless tray icon and how?

Thanks in advance.

PS: I am using Objectdock Pro.

I got that last night. All I did was reboot the PC and the 2nd icon had gone. :BNC

i agree with the try reboot first, if it has not been tried already

This sounds like that there were 2 instances of CFP.EXE running at the same time. This possibility was reported by Toggie. He could achieve this just by trying to start CFP from the desktop icon whilst it was already running. I could not reproduce this, I could only get a second instance of CFP to run very briefly (although the first attempt did run for a much longer period).

Can any of you run a second instance of CFP (complete with systray icon) by clicking on the desktop CFP icon?

The other topic on this is… erm… here. If it’s the same issue as yours, then please add your confirmation… along with the CFP version number & OS, etc, to that topic. Also add any additional information you might have (replication, circumstances, etc…). Thanks.

PS Welcome to the forums psionix.

Wow, great to see this level of support despite how busy it is in here.

yup i tried everything from rebooting to tweaking with the registry.
And no i cant run another instance of CFP after it already started as the system boots.

Here is a screenie of the two systray icons.


However, if i were to quit it only the animated systray icon disappears. The one with the fire behind still remains.

Only by hovering my cursor over that remaining systray icon from the windows taskbar (in my case its hidden) will make it disappear as well.

Start the firewall manually again, only the animated (the bigger white shield) appears.

oh gosh. this is getting weirder and weirder.

I notice when i exit the CFP3, somehow windows still thinks that its running and that a firewall is still protecting me.

in v2, quiting would mean seeing the “your firewall is turned off” balloon.

Anyone face this problem as well?

ok the useless systray icon disappeared after rebooting after the new patch.