2 sync copy jobs


I setup my 2nd sync job today which was to do my user folder because of the “locked file” bug. But after it finishing the initial copy, every 5 mins my machine is freezing for 5 secs. I’m also streaming some video of the web and that audio is looping when the pc freezes.

I have a Q6600, 2gig ram. I’ve been watching the cpu usage on a win7 gadget and a single core is maxing out whilst the machine freezes for 5 secs.

Both sync copy jobs are set to 5 mins aswell.

I removed the 2nd sync copy job 30 mins ago, and it hasn’t frozen since.


We will fix the freeze problem in the next release.
This problem was reported in another thread too.


Ah cool. Sorry for the duplicate bug, i thought i’d read everything :slight_smile: