2 requests please

1- querying DNS and tracing IP in active connections, by double click on the IP, so we can know the domain name of the IP

2- missing in the logs, firewall intrusion attempts used to show the IP of block incoming connection in the logs, no more after CIS 4, can we get it back please

CIS 4 doesn’t show the Source IP of blocked inbound events? It should… or do you mean that you’re not seeing any logged events? This might be because of either a firewall setting and/or rule.

it shows only the events of blocked outgoing programs and destination IP of the programs

in CIS 3 it used to show the source of blocked incoming connections and the port that tried to use

OK, I got it, I enabled the option Log as a firewall event if this rule is fired sorry for the inconvenience

No problem, glad you solved it. I’ll delete your Wish List topic. :slight_smile: