2 questions

  1. What is hardware firewall?
  2. How do I protect myself from getting virus when surfing with Google Chrome?
  1. Firewall (computing) - Wikipedia

  2. I can’t answer for Google Chrome specifically, but in general for browsing with any browser, you need proactive security (prevention - HIPS) and reactive security (detection - antivirus). I see from your previous posts that you have Comodo Internet Security, and that’s a great start.


Tiny correction (part of the link is cut off): Firewall (computing) - Wikipedia

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Ah, thanks. I updated my link.


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So when I have Proactive Security on I will be informed about new file creating or?

You mean the Proactive Security configuration for CIS? You will get and alert if a file is created/modified that is part of your Protected Files/Folders.

Yep. Defense+ should take care of possibly malicious behaviour.