2 questions Please help :)

Hi all

Im new to Comodo so I have a couple of quick questions…

1.) When I restart my PC with “Auto start application with windows (recommended)” ticked,

I open the UI of Comodo…all pages like “my network zones” , “View active process list” and “View active connections” etc are totally blank, I have to exit Comodo completely then reload it to be able to see any info on those pages? any ideas why this is happening?

2.) after I have had Comodo installed for a few days and it has created rules for my most used apps, what Levels should I set the Defence+ and Firewall to? at the moment I have them both set to “Train with Safe mode”

Should I leave them like that or change them?

I am running Windows XP pro with Avast! pro Antivirus, I also have Object Desktop Windowblinds running …could that be causing my first problem?

Many thanks for and help and advice

Welcome to the forums Solstice.

I always had problems with Windowblinds (mind you it was some years ago) so I just use uxthemepatcher now. It could very well be WB, but I’ll have to leave the definitive answer to someone that uses WB to say for sure.

There is no simple answer to your second question. If you are TOTALLY SURE your PC is clean of malware, the Clean PC Mode is probably a good bet. Personally, I use Parenoid Mode, maybe I’m paranoid :slight_smile: but after a day of constant pop-ups, I now get very few…