2 Problems im having with comodo internet security

Hello, this is my first topic, excuse me if make anything wrong.

My first problem is related to cis.exe


as you can see in the image i got 3 cis.exe processes from clicking various times the comodo icon on the windows taskbar

its supposed to open the comodo menu/interface but nothing is showing up and the cis.exe processes stay frozen, after a while this message appears


i havent tried reinstalling comodo yet but this shouldnt happen specially when it was working perfectly fine yesterday, and no, i havent done or messed with anything that might have caused this problem, i wanna know if there is a fix without reinstalling comodo(which might not even work too)

Second Problem

I can open the comodo menu/interface(cis.exe) manually from the folder COMODO>COMODO Internet Security and when i first did, i noticed something weird


most of the blocked applications are done by HIPS, i dont know if this is normal but i havent blocked any of of the apps there, atleast manually, and most of the apps there are things i regularly use, is there an answer to this? and should i unblock them? i dont know why CIS did that in first place.

For your first problem I can only guess an application maybe interfering with cis idk. Your second problem is because you have HIPS set to paranoid mode and whenever you get an alert for an application from HIPS it will show up as being blocked by HIPS in unblock applications. You can also see what is being blocked in HIPS events log and make sure you use no filtering for time period.