2 Problems: Comodo Logging and Icon in Systray

Hello Comodo Staff,

the one problem:
if I kill the explorer.exe via taskmanager and start a new one, the comodo firewall icon is not
available any more. but according to the taskmanager still running.
and I can’t find the possibility to start the ui separately.

the other problem: i've had the same problems like many before: Logging that uses 100% of the cpu I could fix the problem by disabling logging. i've done it for all components (application, network...) it worked. but sometimes the firewall "discards the settings"

it uses again 100% of the cpu.
but as i open the ui and go to log section it stops the logging and the usage is back to normal.
but the log function is still off.
so i suppose as i go back to the logs the settings inside are being refreshed and firewall stops logging.

there is a third problem too but i can't define it properly yet. but i'll try to evaluate it... has to do with the rules for application.

for e.g.:
when firewall asks me firefox wants to go to the internet
with parent explorer.exe
i say yes

then firefox is started from the thunderbird
i say yes and configure the rule:
firefox allow tcp udp in out skip parent

but sometimes it asks me again… ??? (same firefox version)

sometimes the rules are collected to one
(comodo removes the wasted rules if a summary rule is defined and sometimes not)
i just had 4 equal rules for firefox…

hope the version 3 will be more stable.
but i like the possibilities of configuration and the good lookin ui

Hope you understand me
and the problems will be set on a todo list
or better solved :■■■■

It’s on your Start menu.

Unless it’s absolutely essential to you, disable NetBIOS. This will close ports 137, 138 and 139 and substantially cut down on the amount of logging necessary.

Depends to some extent how you’ve setup Firefox. The browser runs from the loopback address which is why you often see an alert that it’s trying to act as a server. It also connects to Google because that company runs the anti-phishing device incorporated into the browser.
And then there are the RSS feeds which have to load together with any custom utilities that might need access.
Other applications may use the browser interface too.

Looking at my own setup, Firefox appears 23 times in the Application Control monitor. :wink:

first of all thanx for the reply
to my first problem: hmm, i should first think then ask (:WIN)
of course!

2nd problem: i’ll try it

3rd problem:
but therefore is a rule…

to grant or to forbid access.
if i tell:
tcp and udp
on any port
independent of the parent process

how should i form the rule if i want to grant firefox the access to the internet?
Allow all activities for this application?

i’ve done it for another application and the result:

destination range
port 0-65535

is it not the same as
destination any
port any


or what is the difference?

best regards