2 networks bound to 1 network interface

Just a follow up. I solved my problem by installing a second nic in that machine. With the 192.168.. network bound to the second nic everything works fine.
As a FYI. I uninstalled and wiped all traces from my registry and folders. I then rebooted and ran a registry cleaner and then removed the local network from the nic. I then rebooted again and installed 276. Upon rebooting everything was fine. It was catching incoming traffic and properly identified all my servers listening on there various ports. I rebooted again and re-bound the local network to the nic. As soon as I did so it started ignoring incoming application level traffic again. I removed the local network binding and rebooted and again it was fine. I then shut down installed a second nic and now it’s all good. But something in 273 and 276 isn’t working the way it was in 268. Using 268 I could have both networks bound to the same nic and everything was fine. Using 273 onwards and more than 1 network bound to the nic and i’m losing all incoming traffic filtering at the application level. I hope the developers see this as it seems to be a bug in the later versions. If a mod sees this maybe they could pass the information along to the appropriate persons. Thx!