2 major annoyances

Hi all,

after using Comodo since version 3, I’d finally like to report the two major annoyances for me I experienced over time.

1.) Usability issue: In Comodo dialog -A tab"Firewall" → “Network security policy” → tab "Applications:

  • I am eagerly missing a way to collapse/expand all to speed up movement of rules
  • I am eagerly missing multiple selections to quickly (re-)arrange rules
    Over the times the rules here grow quite large (I’ve a lot apps installed), so being able to just select one application and move it all the way down for example is REALLY annoying.

2.) Usability: Whenever I run a newly installed application that is somewhat more complex (i.e. it uses command line tools, loads a lot DLL’s, makes internet connections to update/load packages and alike) the app kind of freezes until all alert messages are shown. Between the alert messages there is a 100% CPU load of cfp.exe. Also, the alert messages have a long delay where nothing happens between them (the time when cfp.exe shows 100% CPU). It’ll always return and show me the next info/setup rule window, but it is really annoying to see how long this takes. Notice that just the new app is frozen until setup, I can (however) work with the PC.

Besides, surely CIS is a great piece of software, no doubts on that.

With regards, Morten.

Spec: Windows Vista Ultimate SP2, CIS 5.5…1957861383, Virus: 9563, no other AV/FW software installed, AV on “stateful”, FW on “custom policy”, Defense+ on “safe mode”, Sandbox switched off (this module is really no usable for me btw., unless I want to spend 50% of my time configuring or whitelisting apps with the sandbox).

Ps.: Another one: You always would like to see the application version people are using. Why isn’t there a possibility to copy the version information, and maybe major configuration options from the about dialog? :wink:

-In the list you mentioned, click on the top bar where it says “Application Name” and all entries will toggle between expanded and collapsed.
-With the list collapsed, drag and drop entries to rearrange them but you can only grab one at a time. It may be useful to highlight with shift+click and grab all the highlighted entries at once. Maybe you can make this a wish in the wishlist?

  1. You could temporarily change defense+ and firewall to training mode until the program finishes installing but I can tell doing this would get annoying if you test a lot of software but still want security.

Having a lot of CPU usage may mean you have a lot of rules for D+ and Firewall. Not something that can be done about it as things stand now.

Hey - cool stuff! I didn’t realise that. That at least saves me some time. :slight_smile:

True. But where is a wishlist?

BTW: All this applies to Defense+ rules, too.

Thanks for the hints though.

Yes, I have a lot of rules - but IMHO that what happens if you are using a lot of apps. I am a developer and I need a lot of tools.


Also, do you remember to purge application rules in the firewall and defense+ rules from defense+?

Hi MortenMacFly

When you install a new application, if you enable in Defense+ settings > Sandbox settings:

  • Automatically detect installers/updaters and run them outside the sandbox
  • Automatically trust files from trustde installers
    you’ll have a lot less alerts from Defense+.

After the new application is installed, you can disable these 2 options for security concern.

Ah, thanks I’ll report there.

Yes, certainly. This nifty feature I use quite often (once a week). Very helpful and I haven#t seen this on other products btw…

As I’ve said: It’s not an issue with the installation, rather that the first/second start. Also, I’ve disabled the sandbox. When you compile a lot of large applications with changing build scripts it just pops up way too much and the configuration just takes too much of my time.

May be you already figured this one out but just in case you haven’t. When using compilers or other programs that dynamically create files it is usually best to give the compiler the Installer/Updater policy.

Nice guys, awesome!.. Tnx.


me too get 100% cpu usage
tried 5.5 and 5.8 beta.

I fully agree with this. it’d be great if I could auto sort it so I could have a list of all the apps I set to “outgoing” or “custom” or “blocked” or “trusted” so I could check all of these quickly. and of course being able to select a bunch at once and set them all to a certain preset. the policies window is such a vital part for advanced users it could really use a bit more user friendliness.

it’d be even better if I could add certain apps to various catagories and have tabs of various apps. for example, one for games, one for browsers, one for apps of all kinds, one for system apps and so on. the list really gets HUGE quickly!