2 latest versions infected?


The 2 last versions came with a new tool called SafeSurf, and according to one topic, some anti-virus would tag it as malware. It it is or isnt, I truly can’t say.

What I can say is that the anti-vírus I had did not detect anything, but I chose not to install SafeSurf, for I have other ways to protect myself on-line.

What I also can say is that my internet connection was constantly being brought down! I had no idea why. I thought it was a virus and all that ■■■■.

So what did I do? I checked my system with some anti-virus, anti-spyware, etc and nothing. Not even Hijackthis would reveal anything!

What did I do next? Well I checked my system with AVG 8.0 and it detected ad-adware (the toolbar) and a virus infection on a temporally file of Comodo Firewall Pro under the process cmdagent.exe.

So, what did I do? I quarantined it and ever since my internet connection never went down again!

What the hell is happening with the firewall Comodo Firewall Pro? Is it infected? How is this possible? Does it come to the end user without any testing?

I just don’t get it!

It’s False Positives from antiviruses. For example - Comodo contacted Kaspersky and Kaspersky removed this FP. So SafeSurf is perfectly safe to use. :slight_smile:

Yes, I am well aware SafeSurf is safe. That was not my issue or question.

The issue is that an infection is detected on a comodo firewall pro’s temp file related to the process cmdagent, which I quarantined and now my internet connect works fine without going down.

That’s why I am reporting this, for I find it odd.

What’s the name of the virus ? 88) Could you upload the file to VirusTotal and check it ? :slight_smile:

Hey man thanks for the report. I don’t think that Comodo had anything to do with the virus as this is the first report of this (that I know of)

Off course not!! 88)


If any virus scan finds a safe product bad then its a false positive. Avira warned me about the toolbar and I just ignored it cause the path was Comodo. No biggie.

Actually, I’m not sure that it had anything to do with it (connection loss) or if the fact that the anti-virus detected a virus and quarantined it made things OK or just a happy coincidence.

Before I ran the 2nd anti-virus, my connection would last 15 minutes tops. After the test and quarantine I was online for about one hour or so. Thats why I found odd this happy coincidence, hence I mentioned it could be the firewall with the supposed infected temp file.

I mean it is bloody ODD all this. The firewall, connection loss, quarantine, no connection loss afterwards. Just odd.

But right after I posted here my connection went down. So, maybe it has nothing to do with it and was just a mere coincidence. And I’m online now for 34 minutes. Maybe is my isp with some issue, but no other costumers are experiencing the same thing that I know of (I posted on a forum).

So, I just got to wait and see what happens.

I’ll let you know more soon.

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

Very easy to figure out. When you lose you lose your connection simply look at your modem lights and see what they are doing. Could be a line problem.

My net connection is provided by Vodafone Internet Connect Box. It is not a USB problem, for I tried all USB ports. No other viruses than the one I mentioned about the comodo firewall pro’s temp file. No other costumers having the same problem that I know of. So, I’m just on a standby to see if it is or not Vodafone’s service problem or if it has actually to do something with the firewall temp file.

Understand your IPS is dumb. I had Comcast before and they new nothing till I complained and complained then finally the problem was fixed. Same with AT&T. They new nothing till a line working came into my condo with his laptop and saw my interm connection problem. I got a new modem. When you lose your connection then immediately look at your modem lights. When you call your ISP you NOT talking to people in your local area. Your talking to some idiot over in India.

The usual :wink:

But it’s not the first time I contact Vodafone. Hopefully I will get an answer today. Otherwise, well, they better pray for better days to come… if a problem with the service, which I believe it is. As I mentioned before it is odd and would be stupid for comodo firewall to do that, specially when it never did before.

All the best

Also may be winsock problem or network card going south, I assumed you are using XP/Vista.

It seems everything is ok now.

Next I will check at the supposed found virus at the comodo firewall pro’s temp file and see what comes out of there.

All the best