2 issues since update

Today I updated comodo firewall from 3.5 to 3.8 and now i have the following 2 issues:

  1. The firewall now shows 0 blocked, 0 inbound connections and, 0 outbound connections.

  2. Defense + keeps blocking c:\windows\system32\taskeng.exe

Defense + blocks before the update would be about 3 per day. Now its 30 in an hour and its that same file above.

With respect to #1, the answer is in another thread. The problem lies with the upadte installer.
You will have to DL The latest from here:
Uninstall CIS completely. Reboot. Then install the downloaded program. Reboot and your problem should be resolved.

Start with that as it may also resolve your other issue.

That is not all true… I did a Update via CIS from .468 to this… And i dont have this problem…

This only happens when updating from version 3.5, as a far as I know (:WIN)

No, it happens with update installer, and has happened when updating from .468 to .471.
Only a clean install resolved the issue.
Simply because it didn’t happen to you does not mean it doesn’t happen, DanesDK.

No, it happens with update installer, and has happened when updating from .468 to .471.

I stand corrected! (:LGH)

i have this problem with dwm.exe and taskeng.exe since the update. I tried to uninstall/clean install and it didn’t solve the problem :-[ . what can i do ? it’s really annoying

what is taskeng.exe and why is comodo defense plus constantly blocking it now since update?

“taskeng.exe is a Task Scheduler Engine from Microsoft Corporation belonging to Microsoft® Windows® Vista Operating System. Task Scheduler Engine is responsible for running certain process at pre-defined times”


Could potentially be a malware too, but a legitimate standard file/process is called that too… maby you did a block rule for a legitimate file… See where its located and send it to virus total! http://www.virustotal.com/ and camas http://camas.comodo.com/cgi-bin/submit could find a possible infection. Seems ordinary but if the file is in a XP machine I would be worried.

How do the alerts looks like?

i am using vista 32 bit.

when taskeng is blocked there is no pop up. i see it in the defense plus log. this started when i updated comodo. before the update this was not blocked. the taskeng file that comodo is blocking is in the following directory